Monday, February 28, 2011

Welcome to the blog

This blog will be following the development of our new game, Corruption Sanctuary!
We Hope you all look forward to seeing more. 
We will update the download file every time that we have a big update.
You do not have to start over, you can just overwrite the old files, and keep your savegames.
I hope you'll enjoy what you try, and support us.

If you want to play the current version, keep in mind you will be a beta tester!
Please report any problems in the comments. And if you think something is strange, and might be a mistake, please say so aswell, it might be something that was made wrong, or didn't work as it should.
And please, tell us what you think about the game!

Also, this site will be updated at least once a week to tell you about the progress, but we will watch the comments daily!

Auf And Harris